Selected articles (July 5, 2020)

Selected articles (July 5, 2020)




US indictment of Assange based on testimony of FBI assets, convicted child molester

By Oscar Grenfell

June 25, 2020

“The Department of Justice today issued a superseding indictment against Julian Assange in the latest salvo of a decade-long campaign by the US government and its intelligence agencies to destroy the WikiLeaks founder and besmirch his reputation. […]”




Examining the Wreckage

By Nick Estes and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

July 1, 2020

Monthly Review, 2020, Volume 72, Issue 03 (July-August 2020)

Examining the Wreckage

“The United States is on fire. As we write this introduction, we can read in the ashes and embers of smoldering cities the writing on the wall—the historic movements for Black lives against white supremacy have raised class consciousness to levels that we simply have not experienced in previous generations. We might ask, why are race and white supremacy so central to class consciousness? What can the history of settler colonialism teach us about this current moment? More importantly, what does a decolonization movement look like, and how is it informed by both Black and Indigenous traditions of resistance? These questions are monumental, and each deserves exhaustive treatments, something we can only gesture at here. […]”




The U.S. Military Is the World’s Biggest Climate Destroyer. No to War and Occupation! No to Environmental Degradation

Emerging Dynamics of Antiwar and Climate Justice Movements

By Alison Bodine; talk at the United National Antiwar Coalition National Conference held from February 21–23, 2020, at the People’s Forum in New York City

The U.S. Military Is the World’s Biggest Climate Destroyer. No to War and Occupation! No to Environmental Degradation

„[…] I think there are four strategies and demands that we need to bring into our antiwar, anti-pollution, and anti-imperialist movement. The first is that we must build a movement that is against imperialist war and occupation. Today, we live in what we in MAWO call “the new era of war and occupation,” which is the never-ending wars that started in 2001, that we are all coming together to organize against. This era is characterized by a campaign to regain hegemony in the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America by capitalist countries that are facing a grave economic crisis and a rapid falling rate of profit. These countries are on the war path to gain new markets and resources, which means more killing of our planet.

Secondly, self-determination for oppressed nations, as I said, must be part of our work, from Indigenous and Black people, to oppressed countries under attack and occupation. This important demand calls on us to have strategical unity against any occupation, domestic or international. We cannot just be talking about the U.S. occupying other countries but also what it means when there are oppressed nations within the U.S. and Canada borders.

Thirdly, we need to fight for a world without NATO and U.S. military bases, because of the environmental pollution and also because of the way that the United States uses these bases to increase their wars and occupations and consequently further ecological degradation.

Lastly, I think the environmental struggle ties into the movement against sanctions and blockades, which are war. These attacks do not allow countries to develop their economies or to use their resources for the good of their people. Sanctions and blockades enforce the hegemony of the world’s biggest corporations, which are also the world’s biggest polluters. […]“




Israel’s annexation plans explained in nine questions

With Netanyahu seeking to reveal his scheme to unilaterally annex parts of the West Bank this week, MEE looks at what you need to know

By Daniel Hilton

June 30, 2020




Facts about Covid-19

Facts about Covid-19



Studies on Covid-19 lethality

Studies on Covid-19 lethality



Criminal Generosity

Mandatory Vaccination and Global Surveillance

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Hands Off Iran

Information and analysis about Iran





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