Global WAR-NING! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity




Global WAR-NING! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity

Global Research E-Book, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

By Prof. Claudia von WerlhofProf Michel ChossudovskyDr. Rosalie BertellElana FreelandConny KadiaJosefina Fraile, and et al.

Global Research, November 06, 2021

Table of Contents


by Michel Chossudovsky

Chapter I

Introduction. GLOBAL WAR-NING! How to Explain What Is Happening Today?,

by Claudia von Werlhof

Part I

Geoengineering, Politics, and the Planet

Chapter II

Slowly Wrecking Our Planet, 

by Rosalie Bertell

Chapter III

Geoengineering, the “Deep State”, and Planetary Lockdown, 

by Elana Freeland

Chapter IV 

Engineered Forest Fires in Portugal 2017,

by Conny Kadia

Chapter V

From Geoengineering to a New Deal for Nature: Destroying the Earth for Profit 

by Josefina Fraile

Chapter VI

Eyes Wide Open in Cyprus,

by Linda Leblanc

Chapter VII

Why Do People Not Realise They Are Sprayed Like Insects?,

by Claire Henrion

Chapter VIII

CO2 as the Scapegoat and the Way to a ‘Brave New World’,

by Maria Heibel

Chapter IX

Geoengineering: From Geo-Weaponry to Geo-Warfare. The Destruction of Mother Earth as the Ultimate and Supreme Crime of Patriarchal Civilization,

by Claudia von Werlhof

Part II

Women in Defense of Mother Earth

Chapter X

The “Hatred of Life” as Patriarchy’s Core Element,

by Claudia von Werlhof

Chapter XI

Between Our Capture by Patriarchy and Our Liberation with Mother Life,

by Vilma Almendra


Appendix I

Planetary Movement for Mother Earth: Second Open Letter to Greta Thunberg, 2019

Appendix II

Rosalie Bertell: Letter to the Durban UN Conference 2011

Appendix III

United Nations: Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, United Nations, Geneva, May 18, 1977. Entered into force: 5 October 1978


Chapter I



How to Explain What Is Happening Today?


Claudia von Werlhof

After more than one year of “lockdowns” all over the world, the issue of “global warming” and “climate change” is back on the table of the international debate.

It seems that natural catastrophies have started to surround us everywhere – from the animal world next to us as well as from the sky above us. Is “nature” the enemy that has to be combatted today, be it by vaccinating humanity against the coronavirus that allegedly jumped out of the wilderness attacking us, be it by tearing down industrial production and consumption in order to avoid the alleged greenhouse gas CO2 emissions, being officially identified as the sole culprit of a so-called global warming? Or be it by applying methods of an alleged civil “geoengineering” against an ongoing climate change that seems to threaten the world?

This is the best moment to publish our book “Global War-ning! Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and Humanity”. Our warning, however, is not a warning against CO2 emissions that are the alleged reason for the warming of the planet. This is claimed from above, especially the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), from governments, the media, and the super rich, as well as from corrupted social movements everywhere (see Second Letter to Greta Thunberg, Annex).

We are, however, warning against the effects of a form of geoengineering that is not of civil, but of military origin, and a technology which alone is able to produce effects that appear as global warming, climate change, and much more, such as damage to the planet’s ozone layer (Werlhof in this vol.).

This military technology, nevertheless, is not debated nearly anywhere despite its development internationally 75 years ago. Military geoengineering is a macro-technology to influence and to change planetary processes and at the same time a micro-technology to influence our bodies and minds, a mind control technology. But military geoengineering is kept not only hidden from the public, even when some of its “civil” applications are discussed and defined as the only “geoengineering” that exists, but also – referring to its “civil” applications – it is defined the other way around as the technology that would even rescue the planet. In the meantime, the real geoengineering is, however, violently transforming the planet for military use against us and itself. This means that Mother Earth is “weaponized”, trying to change her into a giant war machine.

The technology of military geoengineering has been profoundly analyzed in all its aspects and historical development by North American scientist and UN expert, Dr. Rosalie Bertell (1929-2012), accompanied and followed by many others (Bertell 2000, 2020; Chossudovsky 2020). Bertell concludes and warns that this technology is turning our planet as a whole into a weapon of mass destruction, including “wrecking” it itself, as she says. So, geoengineering should be stopped immediately instead of being defined as a civil science and inversely proclaimed as a means to even save the Earth!

This shows that concepts of the public discourse used today are part of an information war that is producing an incredible confusion everywhere (Engdahl 2018).

So, the time has come to have a new look at military geoengineering in order to better understand what is really going on with the Earth in general and her “climate”, specifically, as well as with humans and our societies.

What we can see now is the beginning of a policy of “climate protection” that has become the major project of the European Union for decades to come, the so-called “Green New Deal” (Rifkin 2019). The same allegedly “green” policies are also central for the concepts of the “Great Reset” in the 21st century, propagated by the “World Economic Forum” (WEF) and its leader, Klaus Schwab, in Davos (Schwab & Malleret 2020). Schwab promotes nothing less than the interests of the world’s super rich. His program looks as if the often-quoted “New World Order” would be “green”, nature-friendly and the dangers for nature – as well as from nature – eliminating civilizational undertaking for the wellbeing of all of us. It seems as if it would liberate us from the sins of resource waste, industrial mass production and overconsumption under capitalism. Were not these the goals of all ecological and anti-capitalist movements of the last century?

Yes, they were, but there is first of all, one argument that points to the real direction of the new global plans. It is the argument of a so-called “overpopulation” that has to disappear as it allegedly threatens nature by being responsible for producing ever growing CO2 emissions due to an always higher production and consumption level. Indeed, only when the world population is reduced to a much lower level can the current development model and its resource use as well as its income concentration be maintained and even expanded. Only in this way can a fundamental change be avoided in the direction of an alternative, truly egalitarian society that does not need to be capital-oriented in production and consumption anymore. In order to go on with capitalism, therefore, it has to be reduced to a minority-project, insofar as production and consumption of limited resources are concerned, because otherwise it would necessarily fail in the near future. “Peak oil” would become the peak of everything.

But, what are the changes the new, allegedly green and resource-protecting political programs from above are announcing, besides “depopulation” – a goal which is unimaginable for most people until today, anyway?

Whereas people are held to believe in the new green and moreover “sustainable” political projects, also supported by the UN Agenda 2010 and 2030, we have to ask what these projects mean in reality and beyond their propaganda. So, is it true that we are witnessing the beginning of a process of transforming our societies into really ecological ones, be it with or without its actual “overpopulation”?

The new “Great Transformation” is announced everywhere. It consists in starting to do away with the results of the former industrial revolutions, based on the energy of coal, natural gas, and oil (Engdahl 2021). Today, a new technological and energy regime is to be established, called the “fourth industrial revolution”. It is supposed to be mostly based on “clean” renewable energies out of water, wind, biomass and sunlight which do not emit much CO2, compared with the times before. The new civilizational project would then be far from leading to more global warming, stabilizing it at the proposed 1.5 degrees, and the climate catastrophes allegedly resulting from it would be limited.

The new energy regime, however, does not exclude nuclear energy – regarded as green for allegedly not producing CO2 emissions (Werlhof 2019) which is not true when at least considering uranium mining, for instance, its precondition, as well. The maintenance of nuclear power supply shows, however, that in reality renewable energies would not be enough at all to maintain the production of all inputs needed, and the requirements of a growing energy supply in an e-oriented traffic, economy and society, not to mention the military which is not going to give up its primary interests in nuclear technologies, with which – by the way – the project of geoengineering had started (Bertell 2000, Werlhof in this vol).

Most importantly, however, the fourth industrial revolution itself is defined by the general application of new technologies that have never been used before on a generalized basis, namely genetic engineering and synthetic biology – the biotechnologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), nanotechnology, and last but not least, geoengineering!

So, whereas the narrative from above has to do with nature in all her aspects, being the source of all energy, life, and matter, we have to ask: What happens to nature in the time of the new industrial revolution?

It happens that nature in her form as matter and life is systematically dismantled down to its cellular, molecular and even atomic structure, and recombined afterwards to a new “creation”, but a creation beyond all its natural forms, limits, evolution and evolutionary boundaries (Chargaff 1988). I call this the “new alchemy” in which the complete dissolution of all matter, its “mortification”, becomes the precondition of a new “creation”, an Opus Magnum beyond nature as we know it (Werlhof 2020, Bizarri 2012).

This revolution is a revolution, indeed, and may be the most decisive ever. It is inventing a completely new world, a mixture of life and the machine, and of different life forms and matter as such, unseen to the present day. But this revolution has nothing to do with nature, life, and even human life within the natural order on Earth anymore. On the contrary, it wants to supercede and surmount nature in all its appearances, ties, and bonds. The same is true for Mother Earth. “Hacking the planet” by military geoengineering means taking control of its energies and life support systems, and recombining them in the form of a weaponized, giant machinery.

What is green about all that? It is green insofar as all life is concerned, but this life is being destroyed and transformed into part and parcel of a huge mega-machine of AI, the digitized “Internet of Things” moved by military 5G frequencies. In the IoT, all parts are defined as things, as “information”. So, as we all are supposed to become parts of it, we human beings – for the first time in history – will principally not be recognized as living beings or even humans anymore! There will be no need to acknowledge human beings, their rights and freedom, not to speak of democracy anymore. The new life forms in the IoT will – like any innovation – just be patents owned by mega-enterprises (Werlhof 2020).

This is what most people do not understand: We, as human beings, are going to be eliminated, if it happens as being planned (Werlhof 2021).

Is that what ecological movements around the world originally defined as green? Of course not. What we see emerging is a utopian civilization that is the opposite of green in the sense of nature-friendly, because it does away with and replaces nature, life, and also human life by the machine, and machine-guided combinations of them. In this way, the “Anthropocene”, the Age of Man controlling the Earth is conceived as an age that does not count with man as being human the way we have known him and her in history any longer.

I, therefore, suppose that almost nobody does really understand what the Green New Deal and the Great Reset mean in reality.

Connecting the dots, however, we get it together – connecting the alleged pandemic that has  been prepared as a “plandemic” already 10 years ago (Rockefeller 2010), with the alleged CO2 danger; connecting the lockdowns with the plans for geoengineering against so-called global warming; connecting the ongoing vaccination against COVID-19 of billions of people with the plans for depopulating the planet and the first step to transhumanism for those surviving, being already altered into genetically modified organisms (GMOs); connecting the ongoing war against the alleged dangers of nature in general with the war against an allegedly greedy human nature; and connecting the “nature” of today’s waste-civilization invented by the ruling classes themselves that now is to be abolished for the majority, with the “weaponization” of the  planetary nature.

What is generally forgotten to be said in this context, is that those who proclaim a new “sustainable” civilization are the same ones who invented and forced upon humanity greed, waste and overproduction, overconsumption and even overpopulation themselves during the first Great Transformation in the 16th century, leading to modern civilization, and the hundreds of years following it. Did the inventors of this transformation now understand what was wrong about it?

The answer is no, because they are not propagating a really green and non-capitalistic new civilization but, on the contrary, a new and much more industrialized one, in which nature, matter, life and human life are even more degraded, destroyed and finally always more abolished, like the genders we have known so far, and the mothers needed for procreation. Because the transhuman cyborg, finally, will not be born anymore, but be “man”-made, a product of the new machinery that is developing rapidly.

What we are observing now is a global war that has been started from above, a sort of World War III. (Chossudovsky 2021, Köenig 2021), and one of a completely new character than any war before, as it is not declared as such, does not distinguish between friends and enemies, and is occurring mostly through apparently “natural” catastrophes. It is exactly the new war which Rosalie Bertell foresaw 20 years ago. This war shows what military geoengineering would be like and is most probably already good for. There is no proof, but the means, the technology, and the reasons to apply it do exist (Werlhof in  this vol.). For instance, when there are catastrophes, the public can be mobilized against CO2 and in favor of the demolition of the former industrial civilisation.

In this respect, our prognosis would be that the coming reduction of CO2 emissions would not be accompanied by a reduction in natural catastrophes, as the latter ones are of course not caused by CO2 – an invisible natural plant gas that is needed to produce the oxygen we are breathing and that constitutes not more than 0.04% of the atmosphere!

So, in the new concepts of the information war, its technologies and policies, nature plays the central role. It is regarded either as bad, evil, and dangerous, be it by itself, be it because of its reactions vis-a-vis the sins of humanity; or, on the other hand, nature is regarded as good which has to be protected, or even created as an always “better” one, the so-called “second nature”. The best nature is always defined as the one man has created himself! This is what it is all about: the creation of a “second” nature which finally is allegedly the only one mankind or the world ultimately can live with. Nature as the original or “first nature” is, however, regarded as all that has to be dominated, controlled, done away with and transformed into its opposite, a counter-nature.

Today, the transformed and newly created nature is the one that is supposed to be the result of the fourth industrial revolution. Its definition as “nature” is, however, completely misleading when we look at the products of this revolution: a digitized world of AI combining humans with the soft- and the hardware of computers, transhumans or cyborgs, new creations of biotechnology that have passed the evolutionary borders of the species, equipped with nanobots, molecular-sized machines that run through their bodies and brains accomplishing the orders they received from EM, electromagnetic frequencies from the world outside. Many forms of mind control, emotional control, and the control of the will of human, half-human or chimera beings are developing. The resulting mega-machine or super-computer which controls it all is even identified as God himself, the “God-machine” (Harari 2017). This way we would be approaching a totalitarian “technological dictatorship” (Film 2021) with no freedom, free will, democracy, and human individuals the way we are accustomed to know them any longer, and on top of this, a planet that has been geoengineered into a war machine.

What is called “nature” in this context, is “second nature”, the machine itself, proclaimed as the “higher form of life”, nature’s opposite and that which has been invented to replace it. It goes from the nanobot as the mini-machine to the Earth as a planetary macro-machine, in the middle society as a digitized mega-machine with ex-humans as transhumans, cyborgs, robots and bio-computers within it.

This would be the result of a civilization of “patriarchy” as I define it (Werlhof 2011) in contrast to most others, patriarchy being an historical process leading to a purely patriarchal civilization in which everything is man-made instead of born by women/mothers and nature, finally by Mother Earth. It means pater arché instead of mater arché, arché being the origin of everything, the uterus, now the machine as the ultimate male creation of an allegedly “better and higher nature”, a goal that stems from the beginnings of patriarchy in antiquity, and has accompanied us until today where it tries to become our final reality. Patriarchy is about to become really true – for the first time in thousands of years! This is the tradition within which the Great Transformation of today is occurring, and why its followers and producers, the “Fathers of a New World”, are not going to give up whatever is going to happen in the course of time.

Whereas the super rich could maintain modernity as we have known it and remain human, the many, however, would enter into their ultimate dusk — the human race disappearing within a “smart” – instead of brave new world (Heibel in this vol.) or vanishing from the face of the Earth altogether, as “they” don’t need us anymore (Kurzweil 1999, Moravec 1988).

These are the plans laid open, but will they be realized?

It is in these strange and appalling times that we have written our book that sheds a new light on many details of this historical process (Bertell in  this vol.), be it the spraying of the skies (Henrion in this vol.), be it the work of ionospheric heaters in relation to other methods of geoengineering (Werlhof in this vol.), be it the possibility to produce natural catastrophes of completely new dimensions on Earth (Kadia in this vol.) and the denial of it all (Leblanc in this vol.), be it mind control and the planetary lockdown from above, the surrounding cosmos itself (Freeland in  this vol.), be it the corrupted national and international institutions which organize it all (Fraile in this vol.), the governments and the UN (Bertell in Annex), or the IPCC, for instance, and the media leading the infowar against us, the people (Second Letter to Greta Thunberg, Annex), who have no idea of the wrong of it all, as we have been accustomed to believe that change is always needed and always one to the better and a more civilized world.

Now, however, the new Great Transformation is breaking with the last good traditions of modernity that have remained in spite of their ongoing dissolution – an ethics of respect for humanity and human life, and the aesthetics of a culture of the arts, of the power of thought, of love, and of the beautiful.

We are closing our book with a call against the “Hatred of Life”, this civilization of modern patriarchy is expressing (Werlhof in this vol.) and remembering our ancient indigenous and non-patriarchal traditions of honouring Mother Life and the Earth (Almendra in this vol.).

Military geoengineering could even result in the ultimate matricide, that of our Mother Earth. Additionally, the latest news is that the same is already happening to us as humanity: It has been revealed that nanoparticles made of graphene oxide seem to be the most important substance found in all COVID-19 vaccines, in PCR tests, the masks, and even in the aerosols sprayed into the atmosphere (Global Research 2021, Wigington 2021). If this proves to be true and we do not stop the vaccinations and start with the detoxification of our bodies and air immediately, our destiny as humanity will be determined – as unimaginable as it may appear at that very moment!

We hope to have removed what is in the way to recognize what is happening to our planet and us in reality. It is the moment of truth.